Improve grid reliability and increase customers' energy savings by smart home devices

Key benefits for utility companies

Demand response

We help utilities manage the grid and shave the peaks caused by higher renewable energy generation or peaks in electricity demand. People and business do not need to buy more expensive energy during the peaks and in the meanwhile utilities save money from additional infrastructure and power investments.

Energy engagement

We assist utilities in their efforts to raise customers' awareness of energy consumption and apply programs for energy savings.

Customers behaviour tracking

We provide utilities with behind the meter data which they can use for customers' behaviour analysis in order to understand them better. In this way utilities can create personalized tariff offers as well as tailor-made energy programs and increase their customers' loyalty.

Home energy management

We supply utilities with device solution which helps their customers track energy use and improve energy efficiency.

Value proposition for utility companies

Cost reduction

New revenue streams by value added services


Quality of service

Customer satisfaction

Positive environment impact

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Eliq is a Swedish company which provides an utility customer engagement platform to offer white label apps for utility customers with the ability to track their energy usage based on data from electricity meters and smart home devices.

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