Connect your Appliance to the Internet

Make every appliance smart and connected to the Internet. Enter the IoT world now.

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Make your products smart.
Enter the IoT era with no R&D and zero time to market.

Take your appliance.

Insert MCore inside.

Be more competitive. Start offering 21st century technology, gain customer insights and become a leader.

More main features

Works with every appliance

No matter if you produce heaters, coffeemakers, irons or something else - MCore is compatible with your device.

Time to market = 0

Have a new innovative product on the market in the matter of days. We have everything developed and working in real-life with thousands of end-customers.

All in one Solution

We provide you with Administration Panel for the devices, Support Center for your customers and Advanced Customers Analytics for you to improve your product!

Gain customers insights

See how, when and why do they use the appliance. Learn how to improve your product based on real data!

Stand out on the market

IoT is the future and every end-customer wants to have smart products. Increase your market share bt laveraging the IoT.

Focus on your product. We do the IoT

We are experts in Internet of Things, you are experts in your appliances. Focus on improving them and we`ll help you connect them to the Internet

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