We are bringing the home of tomorrow. Smart and energy efficient.

MClimate is an IoT company which designs and develops affordable and universally compatible smart home and building automation solutions with a focus on sustainability and delivering enhanced comfort, home security and energy savings to its end users.

The Company has developed a wide range of easy-to-install devices that retrofit most home and office appliances converting them into smart ones letting you can gain control over 80% of your electricity usage and save up to 30% on your energy bill.
Through the help of AI and geolocation features your device “learns” your preferences and habits - what temperature you like, when do you usually get home, how long does it take for your HVAC system to cool down/heat up etc and helps you optimise your consumption patterns.
You can remotely control and monitor your home to make sure you have a peace of mind and enjoy the right temperature at a lower energy cost.
We believe that home automation is not the privilege of a few, but rather the right and social responsibility of us all.

Who are we?


EU Based Production Facility


International Markets covered in 2019

2016, 2017

StartUp of the Year

Founders and directors

Lyubomir Yanchev Founder & СЕО

Blagovest Dimitrov Founder & CHIEF DESIGN OFFICER

Violeta Mitsova chief commercial officer

Borislav Pantev chief financial officer

Milan Stephanov chief hardware engineer

Nickole Dimitrova Chief technical officer

Hristomir Vitanov chief marketing officer

Angel Petkov head of department industrial design

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