Do you know what is actually happening at home right now?

Safety first is safety always.

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Are you sure your house is not on fire?

Nowadays our homes are full of flammable items. It takes less than 5 minutes for the flame to take over the room, and you definitely don’t want that to happen. With MClimate Smoke Sensor you will be warned at the first sense of smoke inside the room.

360 degree sensitivity.

The built-in smoke, light, temperature and humidity sensors give you real-time perspective over your home.

Everything seems fine.

There is no fire hazard at the moment. It’s all good!

360 degree sensitivity.

The built-in smoke, light, temperature and humidity sensors give you real-time perspective over your home.

Smoke is detected at home.

Increasing levels of smoke have been detected. Go and check fast!

Аre you sure you are not being robbed?

Worldwide, over 4800 home burglaries are happening every single day. The only way to know that your home is safe and untouched while you’re gone is to detect every motion in it. With MClimate Motion Sensor you will know if something moves.

It catches every move.

The MClimate Motion sensor is a really beautiful and compact piece of technology with many applications. You are not only getting a notification when a movement occurs but with the IFTTT integration you can add more functionalities to the sensor like turning the lights ОN or activating the heating when a movement has been detected.

Are you sure that you closed the door on your way out?

Almost 30% of burglars enter a home through an open door or window. MClimate Open/Close Sensor notifies you when you left a vulnerable spot at home when leaving.

No more energy wasting.

Connect your Open/Close sensors with your A/C or heating to Exclude opportunities of energy wasting while a door or window is opened. The sensors are really simple to install and easy to use. On your smartphone you will know about every door or window which was left open by accident.

Are you sure nothing is leaking?

Domestic flood? MClimate Flood Sensor notifies you if any liquid is covering the ground. You will know about it so you can react immediately and prevent greater damage.

Unexpected leak. Immediate notification.

The Flood Sensor is wireless and its dimensions allow you to put it wherever you think a leakage could occur. It can identify potential threats, including smaller leaks and sudden temperature changes. The sensor will immediately inform you about any detected differences on its territory.

So many questions...

MClimate Security gives answer to all of them on your smartphone. Anytime. Anywhere.

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